On October 14th, 2014 the Albanian soccer team had to play a game in Serbia against the Serb soccer team. 
The Serbs are responsible for multiple genocides on the Albanian people, especially in Kosovo over the last couple of decades. (Hence the Kosovo war that President Bill Clinton send troops to and ultimately helped Kosovo gain its independence from the Serbs) 
The Albanians accepted to play the game in hopes of leaving politics aside. The Serbs insisted that other than the soccer team, no other Albanians were allowed in the country, even if they wanted to support their team. The Albanians respected this clearly unfair request anyway in hopes of still playing a peaceful game. During the game multiple fans (who could have  only been from the Serbian side) chanted death to Albania. Even though this was a clear threat, the players continued. 
During the course of the game an Albanian flag was flown over the stadium in a mini helicopter. Who was controlling that helicopter is a mystery because it was (is) impossible for Albanians to enter that country. 
The Serb team grabbed the flag and tried to rip it, uttering racist frases towards Albanians The Albanian team managed to get a hold of the flag and tried to run off the stadium. The Serb team attacked the Albanians and the Albanians fought back. Luckily, the Albanian team was able to leave safely and no one was seriously hurt. 
The Serbs were criticized for their violent actions. 
The Albanians were criticized for not staying to finish the game.
As an Albanian i do not blame the Serbian people for their actions. I blame the government for teaching such ideas of hatred and racism, instead of trying to order peace.
Hopefully these events can pressure the EU to try and formulate some kind of peace offering and leave all of this unnecessary hatred in the past. 

ombak awang malam #1

manusia itu ajaib. mereka bisa menghabiskan emosi baik dan buruk secara berlebihan bahkan pada orang yang tidak mereka tahu, atau kenal. menyerapahi dengan hujan hujatan atau siraman pujian.

tapi anehnya, biasanya semua kesiasiaan ini berakhir pada telinga dan mata orang lain, dan tidak berlabuh pada sang persona.

"nggak tau, suka/nggak suka aja.”

even when what I did was wrong, it didn’t make what you do right either.