I decided to deactivate my Twitter. just because. no, of course not.

I kinda realized how far I got attached with all my pages recently, thanks to new goddamn-cutting board-cellphone, and somehow it exhausts me. so much. even far before I got this, I’ve been thinking to delete some of my accounts, because, I kinda should stop messing around especially with my personal-digital-shoutouts that most people even don’t bother to read. at some point, writing all those emotions makes me lack of emotions. instead feeling it, I choose to share and wait for responses. and, those anonymous rants on timeline makes me uneasy and rather being dishonest. you know it.

but Tumblr is different. since most of my friends don’t really use it, and, in fact, IT IS a blog, so this supposed to be my place to share my personal stuffs and so. I even consider to use Path or perhaps, Instagram, but it just kinda the same platform, don’t you think?

I use DeviantArt for sharing my artworks, Flickr for photography, Tumblr for teenage girls-rage things (haha), and Facebook for connections. But Twitter? back then it supposed to be my ‘trash can’. but now, even when my account privatized, I can’t no longer post things that I want to. too much people. too much information.

and lastly, I am sorry for anyone who have been finding my past tweets insulting/harsh/troublesome/annoying. Thanks!